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"There is Power in Unity & There is Power in Numbers." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are few things that can make a person feel more isolated than suffering a serious injury after an accident. As seasoned San Antonio personal injury attorneys who have represented the rights of countless victims and grieving surviving family members, we understand just how lonely you may feel at this time. Though you may assume that you may be alone in your current struggle, there could be others just like you. You could have the option and the opportunity to come together as one voice.

Martin Luther King Jr. once stated that "there is power in unity and there is power in numbers," and this could not be more true when it comes to the law. Under the protection of the law, you and any other victims who have suffered similar injuries, damages, losses, or fatalities due to the same source of negligence can come together and file a class action lawsuit.

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Stepping forward as a collective could be the inciting incident that forces safer standards in the manufacturing industry or the workplace. Though standing up against a major corporation could seem overwhelming, we encourage you to take action and exercise your rights. You have the right to stand up when someone else's negligence causes you harm - and we are ready to help protect the interests and rights of the innocently injured.

If you are considering moving forward with a class action lawsuit, then our firm is ready to be your mouthpiece for justice. Whether you have suffered the loss of a loved one due to a defective product, have suffered total property loss due to a malfunctioning air bag, or have suffered serious pain due to a hazardous medical product, The Daspit Law Firm is here to help you.

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Demand Change with The Daspit Law Firm

Some of the most recent class action lawsuits across the nation have been brought against pharmaceutical manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, consumer manufacturers, and even major corporate employers. No matter how complex, how difficult, or how contentious your claim may be, we are seasoned litigators who know how to strong-arm the opposition and hold negligent behavior accountable to the highest extent of the law.

In the past, class action lawsuits have included:

Utilizing Former Defense Experience to Maximize Your Claim

Prior to forming his own practice, our firm's founding attorney, John Daspit, spent years working at one of the nation's biggest and most prominent law firms. In his role at Fulbright & Jaworski, Mr. Daspit defended major corporations and insurance companies.

It is through his former years of defense experience that he has learned the hard-hitting trial tactics and strategies for which he has earned a reputation. These are the same strategies that have helped his innocently injured clients recover maximum compensation today.

In fact, Attorney Daspit has had a first-hand role in many high-profile cases:

  • John logged nearly 8,000 hours while handling claims that arose from the 2005 BP refinery explosion, including first-hand accounts from victims and injured workers.
  • John successfully represented a pipeline company seeking over $50 million in damages due to a defective pipeline used during the construction of the line that extended for nearly 500 miles.
  • John successfully represented an exploration and production company seeking $300 million in damages by way of a breach of contract lawsuit.

Because our San Antonio class action lawsuit lawyers understand how the opposition thinks, we can create effective lines of attack that can help establish liability and prove acts of negligence that have caused great harm to numerous victims. If you would like to participate in a class action suit with The Daspit Law Firm, then now is the time to act.

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