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The Dangers of Wearing Sandals While Driving


When you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you probably aren’t considering how your apparel can actually affect your driving abilities. But, did you know wearing sandals while driving can be dangerous to you and others who share the road? In fact, studies show that sandals and other styles of shoes pose extremely hazardous driving conditions when operating a motor vehicle. Research reports that nearly 1.4 million collisions occurred when individuals’ sandals were trapped under the brake, gas, or clutch pedals. Their choices in footwear restricted drivers from making the appropriate driving maneuvers.

Listed below are additional facts about the hazards of wearing sandals when driving.

  • About 33% of individuals driver cars, trucks, or other passenger vehicles while wearing flip-flops.
  • At least a tenth of these persons admit their sandals became stuck under the foot levers at least one time.

Other studies state other types of footwear can create unsafe driving conditions, most of which include those with dense soles, weak soles, limited surface areas, ankle immobility, frail constructions, and shoes that do not grip easily.

Below are some other styles of shoes that can be dangerous when driving a car:

  • Platforms heels and boots
  • High heels with stilettos points
  • Flip-flops designed with many straps
  • Any kind of boots
  • Tennis shoes with thick soles
  • Slippery, non-grip shoes such as bowling shoes

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