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Samsung's "Safety Truck" Would Use Video Displays to Make Roadways Safer


Samsung has been at the forefront of the tech industry, creating smart phones, TVs, and other devices that have delivered innovative features to consumers across the world. In the tech firm’s latest move, it’s looking to improve roadway safety by incorporating technology into its trucks.

Here are some details about Samsung’s “Safety Truck”:

  • Samsung is currently developing its “Safety Truck” - a commercial 18-wheeler with a video display mounted to the rear. The four-screen system displays video of the roadway ahead from a built-in wireless camera mounted at the front of the truck.
  • The system allows vehicles traveling behind trucks to have a clear view of the lanes ahead - lanes they would otherwise be unable to see. This could allow drivers to make safer decisions about when to pass trucks, particularly during traffic and on two-lane roadways when passing involves traveling in a lane of opposing traffic.
  • Samsung has developed the truck with improving safety on two-lane roads in mind, but company officials also believe the video display system could be of great benefit in reducing accidents caused by sudden braking or sudden maneuvers - for both large trucks and passenger vehicles.

Samsung is still developing and testing its Safety Truck, and although the technology currently exists to make it a reality, it will likely need extensive testing in order to be approved by any government. For example, some officials are concerned the video displays will actually prove to be a distraction to drivers following the trucks. Still, the technology is a promosing innovation with the goal of reducing preventable truck accidents.

To view of a short video of the Safety Truck in action in Argentina, watch the video below:

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