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OSHA's Fatal Four Construction Accidents


It’s no secret that the construction industry is a dangerous profession and that construction sites of all types are filled with potential hazards. Unfortunately, numerous construction workers fall victim to these dangers - and sometimes the consequences are fatal.

Most average Americans don’t fully understand all of the risks construction workers face, but according to national statistics, construction workers consistently die on the job at alarming rates. In fact, data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shows that out of nearly 4,000 private industry worker deaths in 2013, approximately 20% involved employees in the construction industry. This means one out of every five worker deaths in 2013 were in construction.

Given the serious dangers on construction sites, OSHA and other safety agencies compile extensive data about risks, injuries, and deaths throughout the industry. One of the more alarming statistics - which concerns construction worker fatalities - shows that just four types of construction accidents caused over half of all construction worker deaths in 2013.

OSHA’s “Fatal Four” construction accidents:

  • Falls - Falls are common accidents on construction sites, especially those involving scaffolding, ladders, large machinery, and taller structures without walls or barriers. In 2013, falls accounted for roughly 37% of all construction deaths.
  • Struck-by-Object - Stuck-by-object accidents can involve a number of hazards unique to construction sites. These commonly include falling tools or machinery and other moving items, including vehicles.
  • Electrocutions - Constructions sites are works in progress, which means there are numerous unfinished electrical components and wires around. Electrocutions caused approximately 9% of construction accidents in 2013.
  • Caught-in/between accidents - Caught-in or between accidents can involve workers being struck in or by moving objects or machinery.

Because these four accidents continually claim the lives of workers - in addition to causing numerous injuries - safety officials go to great lengths to ensure employers minimize the risks as much as possible. According to OSHA, eliminating the fatal four accidents could save close to 470 lives each year.

The Daspit Law Firm is committed to protecting the rights of construction workers who have suffered harm on the job - as well as families who have lost loved ones in fatal construction accidents. If you would like to learn more about pursuing justice and compensation following an accident, our lawyers are available to discuss your case free of charge. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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